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Harmonic Medicinals Health Products For People

For You & Your Family

An expert scientific team specializing in health, medicine, immunology, nutritional supplements and mycology developed NRGmatrix™, providing consumers with a functional and wholesome energy drink made with Organic and Natural Ingredients. The health benefits of the mushrooms found in our products continue to be verified through research.*

Some Benefits:

  • FOCUS – Immediate Cognitive Focus and Mental Clarity.*
  • ENERGY – Long lasting Energy to power your day without a crash.*
  • BLOOD SUGAR – supporting a normal blood sugar level and insulin production.*
  • RESPIRATORY HEALTH – Help the symptoms of allergies and respiratory issues.*
  • CRITICAL CARE – support for the liver & helps battle inflammation.*
  • IMMUNE FUNCTION – keep the immune system “battle ready.”*
  • RECOVERY AID – reduces damaging free radicals, which helps to speed up recovery.*

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“I can honestly say that my energy level and general alertness is the best it has ever been. I feel 10 years younger, especially in my mind. In the face of ever aggressive flu viruses and controversial vaccines, I am relieved to take a powerful immune modulator…” Catherine Haddad – World Renowned Dressage Rider and Trainer

Harmonic Medicinals Health Products For Pets

For Your Cat & Dog

Pet Matrix is a 100% Certified Organic whole food supplement, grown in California, that improves the quality of life for dogs and cats. This whole food supplement contains high levels of Vitamins, chelated minerals, antioxidants, beta glucans, and natural glucosamine and fiber.*

Some Benefits:

  • IMMUNITY and HEALTH- Medicinal mushrooms help to activate the immune system to be “battle ready.” Several species contain anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.*
  • SKIN AND COAT SUPPORT – Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties alleviate hot spots. Natural biotin, methionine, protein and vitamins help product a lustrous, healthy coat so your pet will look and feel its best!*
  • MAXIMIZE RECOVERY – A fantastic aid for injured and rehabilitating animals. Support for the liver, kidneys, immune system and healthy inflammation response will help speed recovery and return pets to their normal activity.*

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“I started my dog on the Skin & Coat Matrix and was surprised to see a sharp drop in his scratching within days. He breaks out in hive-like bumps every autumn and only Mushroom Matrix has successfully cleared us his condition. Great product!”

Ernie – From San Diego, CA

Harmonic Medicinals Health Products For Equine

For Your Horse

Equine Matrix is a 100% Organic whole food supplement grown in CA. Since it was introduced it has had astounding results! Equine Matrix supports Olympic and FEI horses and riders from all over the world allowing horses and humans alike to increase their levels of performance.*

Some Benefits:

  • FOCUS – The adaptogenic properties of Reishi mushroom and pre-biotic activity of the mushrooms combine to help your horse manage stress from environmental factors or from gastric distress.*
  • IMMUNITY – Medicinal mushrooms helps activate the immune system.”*
  • CONDITIONING – Cordyceps mushroom increases respiration, oxygen delivery and ATP production – the cellular energy fuel source. Combined with super-antioxidant, l-ergothioneine, which helps reduce oxidative stress from exercise, your horse will train harder day after day.
  • RECOVERY – A fantastic aid for injured and re-rehabilitating animals. Support for the immune system helps speed recovery.*

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“I was first recommended to try Equine Matrix products by my vet, Dr. Hans Stihl and it has been a winning combination for me and my horses. Equine Matrix has improved the performance of my horses and has enhanced their overall health and well-being.”

Billy Twomey – Member of 2012 Irish Olympic Team



NRG: The Intelligent Energy Drink

Discover an energy drink powered by a synergy of organic medicinal mushrooms and herbs, scientifically structured to boosts energy, cognitive focus, immunity and recovery!

No sugar, No salt, No GMO and No artificial gunk! Just Good Energy…


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