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Mushroom Being Used to Suppress Cancer Tumors

Have you heard of the mushroom being used to boost the immune system and fight cancer? While there are countless foods and compounds out there being researched for their cancer-fighting abilities, the turkey tail mushroom is one food that has gained some spotlight as of recent. Specifically, the mushroom has been shown to be highly effective at suppressing prostate tumor development.

The research, coming from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), focuses on a compound known as polysaccharopeptide (PSP), which is found in the turkey tail mushroom. For the study, two groups of mice were used, one of which was fed PSP for 20 weeks. What Dr. ling found was that mice fed the PSP over the 20 weeks did not develop any prostate tumors, whereas the group of mice not fed PSP did develop tumors.

Dr Ling, from the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre-Queensland and Institute for Biomedical Health & Innovation at QUT had this to say:

“The findings are quite significant. What we wanted to demonstrate was whether that compound could stop the development of prostate tumours in the first place. In the past, other inhibitors tested in research trials have been shown to be up to 70 per cent effective, but we’re seeing 100 per cent of this tumour prevented from developing with PSP. Importantly, we did not see any side effects from the treatment.”

While Lings research shows the potential for polysaccharopeptide to completely inhibit prostate tumor formation, he does note that his research doesn’t suggest that simply eating the mushrooms would have the same benefit.
Turkey Tail Mushroom and Breast Cancer

Of course the research doesn’t end there with the turkey tail mushroom. More recently, the mushroom was used by a cancer patient from Bastyr University. The breast cancer patient, Lisa Clinton, is just one of many individuals around the world who wholeheartedly believe that natural foods played a large role in her survival. After going through surgery, the ice skating competitor refused the extremely questionable cancer-treatment chemotherapy and turned to turkey tail instead to target her cancer.

We consider cancer a failure of the immune system…When they [turkey tail] are ingested into the body, they stimulate immune cells that line the intestines, and then those stimulate other immune cells all over the body, says Dr. Leanna Standish at Bastyr University

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