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MRM Pets

Dog healing from DM with Medicinal Mushrooms

I would like to share a story about a beautiful being named, Arthur. Arthur is a feisty Corgi. Arthur has a ton of personality and not only loves to run the show, but loves to let me know frequently that he’s not a push over – he really reminds me at every session that I need to be creative because he remembers every nuance of a move I make from the last session and tries to out position me. During the session we look like we’re trying to put the “wrestling hold of the week” on each other.

Arthur is truly an amazing dog! Arthur was diagnosed with a disease equivalently about the same as a human disease, Multiple Sclerosis, called Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). The disease is progressive and gradually, Arthur lost control of his hind legs and now uses a cart with back wheels to get around

Arthur started “shroomin” (Arthur’s owner’s word) last fall. I remember the look on Arthur’s owner’s face when I said “mushrooms”. I could see by her expression that maybe I was to far outside the box and I would need to do some explaining fast before she would think I was going to send her dog on a psychedelic trip somewhere.Arthur has been using the Matrix products, starting with MRM and did a controlled study with Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps, for the last three months, showing significant improvement in reflex and mobility. He’s still has his cart, but can now flex his hind legs and extend them backward whereas before, Arthur had lost complete mobility in his hind end.

Also, Arthur’s energy level has shot up many degrees so much so, Arthur was keeping the owner’s up late at night. With some minor adjustments in his mushrooms now, everyone is getting a goodnight sleep!

What I’ve been experiencing since introducing MushroomMatrix  for People and Pets are  stunning results.

My desire is to provide clients  a choice to traditional medicines. My feeling is the synergy of Harmonic Healing and Mushroom Matrix provides you with necessary tools to achieve a healthier and happier life!

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