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Horse healed from mosquito phobia and severe skin allergies

By Mary Beth Meyers.

A client mentioned that her horses “mosquito phobia” behaviors were getting worse every year. Now, she wasn’t able to ride her horse in the summer evenings because of his fear of mosquitos, I recommended Maximum Recovery Matrix (MRM) and after a month of being on the MRM, all the symptoms cleared.

Another horse had such severe skin allergies that he would tremble and break out in a sweat. After a month of feeding MRM, all of his symptoms have resolved, Also, the owner states, her horse is more flexible in his joints and the coat looks the best ever.

For horses who have been on the racetrack, and had severe trauma, surgery., or compromised digestive problems, MRM naturally detoxes, supports immune function and has been known to expedite the healing process.

Matrix Maximum Recovery (MRM) for Equines is a remarkable blend of medicinal mushrooms that provide high levels of antioxidants – beta glucans,,L’erothionein for immune support. enzymes and pre-biotics for a healthier digestive tract.

Our comparable product for pets, MRM Pets, has been an outstanding product for pets that have similar issues as mentioned above. The results have been very impressive for one particular owner of a German shepherd. When I received the call from the owner she was desperate, she knew her dog was close to death’s door. This was her last hope, as she told me over the phone. After two days of feeding Pet MRM the dog improved drastically. Now, the owner and dog are once again at the lake enjoying more life!

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